Crisis Management Plan

Crisis Management Plan

In the event of an emergency or some type of crisis during the school day, the following

plans will go into effect:


Weather/Maintenance Emergency:

For weather-related/maintenance-issue closings, you will be notified through the school

broadcast system, the school e-mail distribution, text message, by the Colonial School District

if you reside in their territory or listen to KYW radio/online. When this situation arises during

the school day, our Emergency Closing Policy will go into effect. The children will be released

according to their usual dismissal routine at the specified time.


Emergency Closing:

For an emergency closing such as fire, lock-down, or shelter-in-place, teachers will follow the

instructions on the Emergency Release Form that you returned for dismissal. Order of calls will

be parents, emergency contact other than parent or authorized person other than parent.


School Evacuation:

For an emergency evacuation of the building during the school day such as a bomb threat, the

students will go directly to St. Philip Neri Church or if need be, to Whitemarsh Elementary School.

We will activate the school broadcast system and notify KYW as the time and place where you can

meet your child/children. The faculty and staff will be with the students at all times.


Civil Emergency:

If a Civil Emergency is declared by the police or fire departments, a broader plan will go into effect.

In conjunction with the Plymouth/Whitemarsh Police Departments and the Office of Catholic

Education, we will initiate a “Shelter-in-Place” system. Under these circumstances, no one may

enter or leave the building until indicated otherwise by the civil authorities. We will activate the

school broadcast system and notify KYW as the time and place where you can meet your

child/children. Food and water provisions will be provided for the students and staff.


Glossary of Terms:

Lock Down: A crisis or event that occurs and requires either all external doors and/or classroom

doors to be locked for protection. This means no one is permitted to enter or leave the school



Shelter-in-Place: A release of a chemical substance into the air or a weather-related emergency

like a tornado warning.