Digital Citizenship


“As members of a digital society, it is our responsibility to provide all users the opportunity to work, interact, and use technology without interference, destruction, or obstruction by the actions of inappropriate users.  Good digital citizens work to help create a society of users who help others learn how to use technology appropriately.  Everyone should work together to identify the needs of technology users and provide opportunities to make them more efficient.”

Taken from:  International Society of Technology Education

This year we are working towards becoming a Certified Digital Citizen School.  This would further show our commitment to providing our students with a safe environment for learning.  Throughout the school year every grade will be taught some aspect of the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship.  The specifics for these lessons can be found on Mrs. Hunt’s webpage.  The information about the lesson as well as pictures, videos, and podcasts showcasing the activities developed and presented by the students.


Mrs. Hunt uses the lessons developed by “Common Sense Media” as they are an excellent source of information.  The website uses a community of shared resources from parents, teachers, and other professionals in the education field.

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