The purpose of St. Philip Neri School is to provide a foundation on which to build Catholic Christian values in each student. Our first priority is to build Catholic beliefs, as handed down by the church, and to foster faith experience. We educate our children for this world and the world to come. We strive to give our students a solid set of religious, cultural, moral, and social values, which they can share with others.

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Principal – Mrs. Veneziale 4th Grade – Mrs. Glatz
Pre-Kindergarten – Miss Tomczak 4th Grade – Mrs. Zonies
Kindergarten – Mrs. Sannicandro 5th Grade – Mrs. Grasso
Kindergarten – Mrs. Spinelli 5th Grade – Mrs. Spence
1st Grade – Mrs. Jalosinski 6th Grade – Mrs. Aaron
1st Grade – Mrs. Rosa 6th Grade – Mrs. Hindley
2nd Grade – Mrs. Volgraf 7th Grade – Mrs. Sexton
2nd Grade – Mrs. Sontag 7th Grade – Mrs. Marren
3rd Grade – Mrs. Kelly 8th Grade – Mrs. Amoroso
3rd Grade – Ms. Bucci 8th Grade – Mrs. Desimone

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Computer Lab Phys. Ed.
Math Spanish

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Main Office Mrs Beverly Mesunas
Main Office Mrs. Donna Ryan
Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Veneziale
Nurse Mrs. Ann Pruskowski
PREP Mrs. Sharon Otto
Communications Mrs. Beverly Mesunas
Hot Lunch Program Hot Lunch
SPN Theater Miss Moira Gannon
Math Mrs. Gina Plower
Room 22 / Early Education Bldg. Miss Lori Tomczak
Room 21 / Early Education Bldg. Mrs. Gina Sannicandro
Room 1 Mrs. Mary Jo Spinelli
Room 2 Mrs. Krystin Rosa
Room 4 Mrs. Heather Jalosinski
Room 3 Mrs. Susan Wise
Room 5 Mrs. Leanna Sontag
Room 11 Mrs. Michelle Kelly
Room 12 Miss Maribeth Bucci
Room 13 Mrs. Catherine Glatz
Room 14 Mrs. Catherine Zonies
Room 7 Mrs. Krista Spence
Room 8 Mrs. Jill Grasso
Room 19 Mrs. Kristen Hindley
Room 20 Mrs. Hilary Aaron
Room 16 Mrs. Kathleen Sexton
Room 18 Mrs. Pamela Marren
Room 15 Mrs Kathy Desimone
Room 17 Mrs. Lauren Amoroso
Physical Education Mrs. Beth Barlow
Library Miss Gerardine Sullivan
Computer Lab Mrs. Kathleen Hunt
Music Room Miss Moira Gannon
Art Room Ms. Marian Sacchetti
Spanish Mrs. Kathleen Koenig
Contact Information:                    School Hours:
3015 Chestnut Street                                      Monday – Friday 8:10am – 3:00pm
Lafayette Hill, PA19444                                   Early dismissal 8:10am – 12:00pm
610.828.3082 (ph.)
610.828.2943 (fax)

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